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Ivan Cervantes ganha etapa em Mundial de Enduro E3 no Mexico e continua liderando

Cervantes takes 2-1 result in E3 in Mexico
Ivan Cervantes of the KTM Enduro Factory Team came away from the two E3 World Championship rounds in Mexico's Valle de Bravo with an excellent 2-1 result to further boost his title chances with just four races to go.

The team's Spanish rider finished second behind Frenchman Sebastian Guillaume on Saturday, continually picking up his performance on the difficult track as the day progressed. Riders tacked the challenges of hard terrain on top of altitudes of up to 2200 meters in the mountainous lakeside resort just two hours from Mexico City. Cervantes went one better in Sunday's race, recovering from a crash in the second test, where he lost about 30 seconds to take the victory on the day. He now has a 22-point lead in the standings with four races still in hand.

Cervantes KTM team-mate Samuli Aro was just off the podium in fourth place for both races and is currently in fourth place in the standings. Aro however was the winner of the KTM Super Test on Friday night which was held on the shores of the lake at Valle de Bravo. The Super Test drew large crowds to watch the world's best Enduro riders in action and is a new feature of the championship that is proving to be a crowd winner and a value added attraction for the sport.

Fabio Farioli, team boss of the KTM Enduro Factory Team reported that the well run event was much tougher than riders had first expected, with the high altitude affecting both bikes and riders.

E3 Results Round Eleven
1. Sebastian Guillaume, France,
2. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
3. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas
4. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM
5. Fabio Mossini, Italy, Honda

E3 Results Round Twelve
1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
2. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas
3. Sebastian Guillaume, France,
4. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM
5. Fabio Mossini, Italy, Honda

Standings after Round Twelve
1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM 274
2. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas, 252
3. Sebastian Guillaume, France , 241
4. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM, 238
5. Marcus Kehr, Germany, KTM, 163

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