quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

KTM vai mandar caminhão de apoio para pilotos privados no Rally Dakar 2010

Apesar da não participação dos pilotos da equipe KTM de Rally a fabrica vai mandar o caminhão de apoio para atender pilotos privados da marca no Rally . É nescessaria inscrição para o serviço de apoio como todos os anos. Mais detalhes abaixo.


KTM Service Truck at Dakar Rally

KTM has decided to send an official service truck to the coming Dakar Rally in order to continue to provide the best possible service for private riders.

After the decision by rally promoter ASO to refrain, at least for the present time, from enforcing the new capacity regulations for non-professionals riders, the company whose machines dominate motorcycle rally sport has decided to continue to offer its official race service to KTM customers for the two upcoming editions of the Dakar Rally.

"We have a responsibility to our customers and because of this I am happy that we, together with ASO, have made it possible for the "KTM Customer Service" to take part for 2010 and 2011," explained KTM Motor Sport Director Winfried Kerschhaggl.

The KTM Service Truck will accompany the entire rally at least for the next two years to continue to supply the same level of spare parts plus logistical and technical services to private KTM rally riders and teams.

The world's leading manufacturer of offroad motorcycles therefore continues to place great worth in supporting the huge number of KTM privateers competing in the big rallies in the best possible way.

The withdrawal of the KTM Factory Team from the rally because of the short term, radical changes to the regulations by the organiser is final and is not influenced by this decision.

terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2009

Organização do Rally Paris Dakar aprova motos acima de 450cc para a maioria dos pilotos em 2010


Exceto os pilotos listados abaixo os demais podem correr com motos acima de 450 sem restrições no Dakar 2010. Para 2011 muda outra vez.

Further to the numerous discussions that have taken place with the different actors of the motorcycles’ competition (amateurs competitors, professional competitors, preparators, manufacturers and International Motorcycle Federation) and facing the real interest shown by all the interlocutors, the goal of a maximum cubic capacity of 450 cc is maintained.

Nevertheless, so that the competitors can have more time, a new schedule has been set up.

For the Dakar 2010, the ASO Elite pilots must ride with a restrictor reducing the power of their bike, if its cubic capacity is over 450 cc. Or they may use a bike of a cubic capacity under or equal to 450 cc.
The other pilots are free to choose their bike with no restriction.

For the Dakar 2011, the ASO Elite pilots must imperatively ride a bike of a cubic capacity under or equal to 450 cc.
The other pilots must ride a bike of a cubic capacity under or equal to 450 cc, or a restrictor, if the cubic capacity is over 450 cc.

At last, for the Dakar 2012, all the pilots will ride 450 cc’s.

The restrictor is currently being developed and it will be delivered to the Elite pilots from mid July. This restrictor has been designed in order to have a similar weight / power ratio between the different cubic capacities.

The list of ASO Elite pilots who have to compete on 450 cc or more than 450 cc with a restrictor :


ASO has the right to change that list according to the results on FIM competitions

segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2009

Mike Lafferty lidera podium completo de KTMs na 8a Etapa do National Enduro Series Americano

National Enduro Series - 8th round Blain, PA
Shock Doctor/KTM Factory rider Mike Lafferty continued his come back win streak at the eighth round of the National Enduro Series when he took the win over his teammate Russell Bobbitt.

The two KTM riders have battled closely all year and after Lafferty's win this past weekend only 1 point separates them in the championship race. Both riders have each won 4 rounds of the series which bodes will for the KTM team - as only KTM riders have won every race of the series.

"Rocky, slippery and hard," commented Lafferty on the challenging Pennsylvania course. "I knew it would be tough, but I wasn't expecting it to be as difficult as it was. You had to be on your game today. Many riders went down hard in the first section as some rocks were planted and others just moved right out from under you."

In an impressive ride, Lafferty managed to win each special test. "It definitely wasn't easy today and Russell (Bobbitt) certainly gave me a run for my money. This win is special to me because I consider this round a hometown race for me and I had many family members come out and support me today." Not only did Lafferty have family members to support him during the race. But his brothers, Jack and Rich along with his father all suited up and raced as well.

The riders will now enjoy a three week break before the series returns for the ninth round to be held in Marquette, MI.

Overall Results
1. Mike Lafferty - KTM
2. Russell Bobbitt - KTM
3. Brad Bakken - KTM
4. Nick Fahringer - Husaberg
5. Cole Kirkpatrick - KTM
6. Jeff Melik - Yamaha
7. Cory Buttrick - KTM
8. Jake Korn - KTM
9. Rory Sullivan - Husaberg
10. Tim Henion - KTM
11. Carsten Cagle - KTM

Overall Point Standings
1. Russell Bobbitt - 212
2. Mike Lafferty - 211
3. Brad Bakken - 139
4. Nick Fahringer - 124
5. Cole Kirkpatrick - 116

Ivan Cervantes ganha etapa em Mundial de Enduro E3 no Mexico e continua liderando

Cervantes takes 2-1 result in E3 in Mexico
Ivan Cervantes of the KTM Enduro Factory Team came away from the two E3 World Championship rounds in Mexico's Valle de Bravo with an excellent 2-1 result to further boost his title chances with just four races to go.

The team's Spanish rider finished second behind Frenchman Sebastian Guillaume on Saturday, continually picking up his performance on the difficult track as the day progressed. Riders tacked the challenges of hard terrain on top of altitudes of up to 2200 meters in the mountainous lakeside resort just two hours from Mexico City. Cervantes went one better in Sunday's race, recovering from a crash in the second test, where he lost about 30 seconds to take the victory on the day. He now has a 22-point lead in the standings with four races still in hand.

Cervantes KTM team-mate Samuli Aro was just off the podium in fourth place for both races and is currently in fourth place in the standings. Aro however was the winner of the KTM Super Test on Friday night which was held on the shores of the lake at Valle de Bravo. The Super Test drew large crowds to watch the world's best Enduro riders in action and is a new feature of the championship that is proving to be a crowd winner and a value added attraction for the sport.

Fabio Farioli, team boss of the KTM Enduro Factory Team reported that the well run event was much tougher than riders had first expected, with the high altitude affecting both bikes and riders.

E3 Results Round Eleven
1. Sebastian Guillaume, France,
2. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
3. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas
4. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM
5. Fabio Mossini, Italy, Honda

E3 Results Round Twelve
1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
2. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas
3. Sebastian Guillaume, France,
4. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM
5. Fabio Mossini, Italy, Honda

Standings after Round Twelve
1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM 274
2. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas, 252
3. Sebastian Guillaume, France , 241
4. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM, 238
5. Marcus Kehr, Germany, KTM, 163

terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2009

Passeio KTM Casa de Maquinas pela Ruta 40 na Argentina

A revenda KTM de Porto Alegre , Casa de Maquinas fara um tour pela Ruta 40 na Argentina no proximo mes de Outubro. Mais detalhes abaixo:

RUTA 40 ( 4.874 km ), de 01 á 12/10 ( Outubro )

A saida ( via aérea ), será dia 01/quinta-feira e o retorno dia 12 /segunda-feira (feriado).

De CABO VIRGENES( marco zero ) no extremo sul a LA QUIACA extremo norte, na fronteira c/BOLIVIA.

Serão percorridos por volta de 5.500km dos quais, + de 2.000km de fora de estrada.

Nossa previsão é dividirmos o roteiro em 10 etapas.

Deveremos enfrentar muitas dificuldades, desde altitude (+ 5.000 mts ), baixíssimas temperaturas, gelo, neve, ventos fortíssimos, deserto, calor, areia, lama, enfim, serão 2 extremos de fato. Por estes fatores, devemos estar equipados c/2 malas laterais nas motocicletas, pois será necessário alguns equipamentos, ferramentas, roupas, medicamentos...não aconselho o uso de TOP CASE, pois alem de modificar muito o comportamento da motocicleta no uso OFF, sobrecarregando alguns componentes da mesma, tambem dificulta muito a pilotagem!

Em contrapartida, cruzaremos tambem grandes cidades, tais como BARILOCHE, MENDOZA, SALTA, nos garantindo c/isso, segurança de recursos, caso necessários.

O transporte rodoviário das motocicletas será da nossa origem até RIO GALEGOS, no Sul.

Este mesmo seguirá paralelamente nosso roteiro, nos encontrando, talvez em 4 a 5 pontos de apoio.

O retorno das mesmas será de SALTA, no norte, tambem até o destino de origem.

Nosso limite de participantes é de somente 8 motocicletas, portanto é necessário a reserva "garantida", através de um depósito de 50% do valor do transporte de ida/volta do Brasil. Oportunamente informaremos.

As motocicletas deverão "obrigatoriamente" ser ONN / OFF Road, ou seja, KTM / Adv, BMW / Gs, HONDA / Varadero...

É recomendado tambem o uso de pneus tipo OFF, PIRELLI Scorpion RALLY, MICHELIN Desert, METZELER Karoo...

Oportuno também lembrar da necessidade de uma REVISÃO GERAL na motocicleta, pois o uso será intenso.

Tambem não podemos esquecer de uma preparação Fisica e Nutricional p/ aventura, alias "BAITA" aventura !

Bem, por enquanto é isto, vamos começar a sonhar !!!