terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

Passeio KTM do dia 23 de Maio , neste sábado para Visconde de Mauá.


No próximo dia 23 de maio , sábado, faremos mais um passeio KTM Adventure saindo da loja da Bike Box (Rua Fiandeiras ,36 esquina com Avenida Santo Amaro ) as 9:00 horas.

O passeio tera aproximadamente 580km no total com 48 km de terra e almoçaremos no restaurante Bel La Vista. Teremos um pequeno trecho de terra de média dificuldade.

Cada participante com moto KTM pode trazer um amigo com moto de outra marca.

Restaurante Bella Vista – Visconde de Mauá Tel 024-3387-1121 Tino ou Monica Waypoint S 22 19.973 W 044 34.

Museu Duas Rodas : Vale do Alcantilado , 9km Tel. 024-9268-0979, Entrada R$ 9.

Para quem quiser levar acompanhante, dormir em Mauá e voltar no domingo após visita á Cachoeira do Escorrega recomendamos uma pousada intermediaria a Cabanas do Visconde 024-3387-1115/1456. Reservas antecipadas.

A KTM do Brasil já esta no Twitter : www.twitter.com/KTMbr

Por favor confirme a sua participaçao pelo email ktm@ktm.com.br.

segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2009

Apesar da pole position Marc Marquez tem queda no MotoGP 125

Race incident and wet circuit spoil Marquez's chances of top result
Red Bull KTM Moto Sport Racing's Marc Marquez saw his chances of a top result disappear on Sunday in the 125 cc GP at Le Mans when a race incident and a wet circuit put him out after scoring his first ever pole on Saturday.
The team's hopes were high for the 16-year old racer after he became only the second youngest ever 125 cc pole sitter but it was clear from the start of the race that the prevailing wet conditions were going to add a dangerous element. In the end, 18 riders, more than half the field, failed to finish with Red Bull KTM teammate Cameron Beaubier and Red Bull Rookie Sturla Faugerhaug, who was riding with a wild card for the team also on the list.

Nowhere to go for Marquez
Marquez, who scored his first podium in the last GP at home in Spain, was riding right on the tailpipe of another rider when he crashed leaving Marc nowhere to go. "I was riding quiet comfortably. We had found a good set up and my KTM was working very well. It was just bad luck when a rider crashed right in front of me and I couldn't avoid him. The bike was only a bit damaged. I tried to continue racing but the handle bar was bent and I could not race comfortably. Then I crashed again in the straight and after that I had to return to the pits. The positive thing about this weekend was my first ever pole and the fact that I was riding in a good place when I crashed. Now I look forward to the next round in Mugello."

Beaubier possible fracture wrist
The team's 16-year-old American Cameron Beaubier, who was also on track for his best result, fell victim of the wet rack and slid off out of contention. Early indications are that the young rider has a small fracture in his wrist, team manager Francesco Guidotti reported. "Cameron has a little fracture in his left arm close to the wrist. Due to his young age, part of the fracture is in the softer part of the bone. He still is in Clinica Mobile where the doctors will decide what the next steps will be. It looks unlikely that he will be able to race in Mugello but we have to wait the next couple days to know more," Guidotti said.
Doctors later confirmed that Beaubier had a hair line fracture on the outer part of the wrist and the team confirmed he will now return to Barcelona, possibly have a further medical check there and would be at Mugello, even if only as a spectator. Cameron, as one of the younger riders, has youth on his side and the fracture is expected to heal quicky.

Race experience for Fagerhaug
Meanwhile Red Bull Rookie Sturla Fagerhaug, racing in his first 125 cc GP for the team with a wild card started at the back of the field as the last qualifier and was also looking solid before his crash. "I had an ok start. I passed a couple of guys and was riding at a steady pace. I was getting more confident about the grip level and lap by lap I was trying to catch the group in front of me. Then I lost the rear," he said, adding that it was difficult to judge the grip level. "It is quiet annoying because I was in the top 15. The bike was okay, except for some small problems I could see, so I rejoined the race but then I crashed out again and that was it. I didn't really manage to do what I hoped this weekend but the weather made things difficult. I hope to do better next time.

1. Julian Simon, Spain, Aprilia, 47'08.273
2. Jonas Folger, Germany, Aprilia, 47'35.357
3. Sergio Gadea, Spain, Aprilia, 47'39.189
4. Bradley Smith, Britain, Aprilia, 47'39.803
5. Takaaki Nakagami, Japan, Aprilia, 48'17.508
Other KTM
Marc Marquez, Spain, KTM, DNF
Cameron Beaubier, USA, KTM, DNF
Sturla Fagerhaug, Norway, KTM, DNF
1. Julian Simon, Spain, Aprilia, 55 points
2. Bradley Smith, Britain, Aprilia, 49.5
3. Andrea Iannone, Italy, Aprilia, 46.5
4. Sergio Gadea, Spain, Aprilia, 38
5. Jonas Folger, Germany, Aprilia, 33
Other KTM
8. Marc Marquez, Spain, KTM, 27
24. Cameron Beaubier, USA, KTM 1

KTM vence etapa da Catalunha do Mundial de Motocross

Jonathan Barragan snatches cliff hanger victory in MX1 GP of Catalunya
Racing in his national colours, KTM's Spanish factory rider Jonathan Barragan of Team Silver Action wrapped up a thrilling MX1 GP of Catalunya to become the first ever Spanish rider to win his home GP.
Barragan's victory was a glorious finale to a great weekend for KTM, where riders of the orange racing machines "Made in Austria" won all three GPs -the MX1, MX2 and the third round of the Women's World Championship here at Bellpuig in the north eastern corner of Spain.

Barragan the first Spanish winner of a Spanish MX GP
It was a heroic ride by the Spanish rider, who was urged on by a euphoric local crowd. He has been troubled with some ligament strain in his shoulder in recent races and had to again ride with it heavily strapped. "It was a great feeling to win here at home and it is a big honour to be the first Spanish winner of a Spanish MX GP, Jonathan said, adding that it was a big help to know the track well and to have such support from his home crowd. Reflecting on his two races he added that the first moto had been quite easy because many of the other riders were involved in crashes so he was able to get out in front a have a good lead. "That gave me a lot of confidence he said. "I did have a crash in the second race and some guys passed me but by then my shoulder was starting to give me some problems. It was also very hot today, but that didn't really bother me because I am quite used to this kind of weather."

Mixed fortunes for Nagl
While Barragan celebrated his overall victory, Max Nagl of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team was clearly dejected for having relinquished what looked like a certain comfortable victory in the second moto to boost his points tally. Max said he had a good start in the first race but then two riders crashed in front of him and he had to restart from back at eighteenth place. "I still had a good race and my lap times were up with the leaders so I still have to be satisfied with that first moto," Max said. "Then I got away really well in the second race and I led the whole time. I had a 13 second lead going into the final two laps then a lapped rider crashed in front of me and that spoilt my chances of winning. Of course by then I was also tired and it was very hot. I can still be satisfied with my second place in the second moto," he concluded. In the last races, Max has also had some problems with a hand injury.

Everts and Beirer both satisfied after KTM's winning weekend
Factory team boss Stefan Everts said it was great for Jonathan to win his home GP and urged Max to put disappointment behind him. "You must not give up," he told the German rider. "We can still make the top three in the championship."
KTM's Offroad Director Pit Beirer also said the team had been doing a great job after a string of bad luck in the season's opening races. "We almost touched bottom and now we are on top," Beirer said after a weekend was the dominant winner in all three categories. "We have a great team and you are all doing a great job," he said. "We are now on top and we know it is possible for us to win all three titles."

Riders now have a two week break before the competition resumes on May 30-31 at Mallory Park Circuit in Britain.

Results MX1 GP
1. Jonathan Barragan, Spain, KTM (1-5)
2. David Philippaerts, Italy, Yamaha
3. Antonio Cairoli, Italy, Yamaha
4. Max Nagl, Germany, KTM
5. Clement Desalle, Honda, Belgium

1. Antonio Cairoli, Italy, 231
2. Jonathan Barragan, Spain, KTM, 195
3. Ken de Dycker, Belgium, 183
4. Josh Coppins, New Zealand, 175
5. David Philippaerts, Italy, 174
Other KTM
8. Max Nagl, Germany, KTM, 155

domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

KTM tem 6 primeiros lugares ate o meio do Rally Tunisia

KTM’s Coma leads after Stage 5 of the 2009 Rally OiLibya of Tunisia
After five of ten stages of the Tunisian Rally that takes riders 4,500 km through Tunisia and Libya, the cat and mouse game between KTM factory Marc Coma and Cyril Despres continues with Coma having a slight edge on the Frenchman at the half way mark.

But the two Dakar winners, who are so at home on the desert sands, were able to take a break on Monday with high winds and lack of visibility resulted in the cancellation of the second part of the two-day endurance stage.

Old rivals
Despres and Coma of Spain, who spearhead the KTM Rally factory riders, are well accustomed to being the leaders and each other’s toughest opponent. The Tunisian Rally, the second stage in the FIM Rally-Raid world Championship, is no different and while Coma of Spain has a slight advantage after the fifth stage, Despres is close behind with less than four minutes difference between the two.

Mixed fortunes for Despres in opening two stages
Despres started strongly with a win in the Super Special on the beach at Tunis but he was to run into trouble in a shortened Stage Two when he was given wrong directions from an on-track official that cost him significant time. But thanks to a new GPS system that records rider positions in real time, organisers adjusted Cyril’s time by almost seven minutes to put him back in second place behind Coma and David Casteu.

Coma takes things calmly
“This was a mix of fast tracks with others that were more technical, although because it has not rained as much here the tracks were in quite good condition. I think it is going to be a very tough race, so for the time being we are taking things calmly,” Coma commented after Stage Two.

Cyril on the attack
Stage Three, with a long 356km special, then saw Cyril attack hard to win the special and trim Coma’s lead and prompted him to express his delight on being back on African sand. “It’s two years since I have ridden in Africa and I had forgotten what a pleasure it is!” Stage Four then saw Coma capitalise on a navigational error by Despres and Marc went on to win it and advance to an overall lead of around seven minutes.

Choice of mousse helps Cyril close the gap
Stage Five saw Cyril take a gamble and go out on a mousse rather than a tube. He decided to take the risk after studying the road book and calculating that he could better attack over the stony section and try to close the gap on Coma. It was the right choice with Cyril winning the special ahead of Pal Ullevalseter and just over four minutes ahead of Coma. “I am very happy. I took the risks that were necessary when it was needed and I closed the gap on Marc and reduced the time he has on me by half. It was really superb African special, very long and very intense,” he said after the stage.

Coma too was satisfied with his progress so far, telling the media: “Today, I took it much more quietly, because I had a good advance in the overall. I tried to manage the first part of the stage marathon instead of attacking. I really liked his special.

Meanwhile, the rally which is due to conclude on May 2 is safe in the hands of KTM with the first six riders all onboard the KTM 690 Rally machines.

Results after Stage Five
1. Marc Coma, Spain, KTM,
2. Cyril Despres, France, KTM
3. Pal Anders Ullevalseter, Norway, KTM
4. David Casteu, France, KTM
5. Francisco Lopez, Chile, KTM
6. Jordi Viladoms, Spain, KTM

sábado, 9 de maio de 2009

Six Days Enduro em Portugal este ano.

News: ISDE

ISDE 2009 – Ready to Ride Orange in Portugal?
With the promise of a full blown summer and the joys of the great outdoors calling, its time to start planning for the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE), the oldest 'off road' motorcycle event on the FIM calendar.

Being held in and around Figueria da Foz on the central coast of Portugal from October 12-17, 2009, this annual event, eagerly awaited by all Enduro enthusiasts, is a unique opportunity to test personal riding skills against the elements and nature while enjoying six days of unparalleled camaraderie with like-minded people.

The perfect machine for the ISDE
KTM is once again a partner of this classic event that was first held in 1913 and it goes without saying that all KTM Six Days participants have the opportunity to either buy or hire the ideal, made-to-measure machine. Based on the new 2010 EXC model series, the special Six Days edition is equipped with a whole range of special features for this incomparable event.

Rental Bikes, Spare Parts and Special Race Service
Racing is in the blood and is the shared passion of all those with a relationship to the Orange cult-brand, Austrian made machines. That’s why in 2009, KTM offers again full support to riders who want to share this unique experience. KTM, together with KTM Spain is offering exclusive leasing of the KTM EXC Six Days motorcycle. All KTM riders will also be able to take advantage of the KTM spare parts service. Again this year KTM and KTM Spain are also offering customers a limited number of race service packages to ensure participants can get down to the serious business of riding, competing and having fun in a great atmosphere.

KTM Paddock and Technical Training
Orange will be again the dominant colour for the KTM Paddock presence in Portugal for the official KTM Support Team, KTM’s professional factory team and KTM Spain. Here KTM writes “Service” with a capital “S” to ensure all orange riders get the maximum pleasure and satisfaction out of their IDSE experience. In addition, the KTM Support Team will be offering a technical workshop with the professional mechanics on the rest day before the official start of the race. This follows on from the successful introduction of this activity in Serres, Greece at the 2008 ISDE. KTM riders will be shown how to get the best out of their bikes over the entire six days and as well as tips on fundamental changing of tyres and air filters etc., there will also be advice on how best to handle each of the race stages.

Be one of the KTM Toughest Club Riders
KTM has always understood that committed riding takes heart and guts. That is why there is going to be an additional unofficial competition to find the six KTM Toughest Club Riders. At the conclusion of the race, each of the top riders will be presented with a unique award by the KTM factory riders, this item is not purchaseable!

ISDE Online
The countdown to this great classic event will be constantly documented in the KTM Racing section of www.ktm.com - Racing - Enduro sub-section. Enthusiasts will be able to follow all the news in the run-up to the ISDE, including special information on the team presentation, behind the scenes news and views and all the specs for the KTM Six Days motorcycle will come soon.

Where it’s all happening
As soon as the race begins, all the action will be posted in photo-illustrated, daily updates on www.ktm.com with pictures chronicling the event on www.ktmimages.com.

Be part of the Orange Family
KTM understands that the motorcycles and products they manufacture transcend mere items to purchase. Being part of the Orange Family also means sharing the spirit and the passion of events like the traditional ISDE, which is a true reflection of the KTM philosophy of always being “Ready to Race”. That is why there will be a small gift waiting for every participating KTM rider at the KTM tent at the 2009 event. Be part of the action. Experience the unforgettable at the 2009 edition of the ISDE in Figueria da Foz, Portugal.

Please contact your KTM dealer about the ISDE 09 KTM services. More information will come soon!